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Past Event 24/07/2012

16 Jul

This is worrying! Via one of my friends at HOPE/LINk

They want to deregulate wheelchair taxis so
1. less maintenence
2. no knowledge
3. more pollution
4. potential safety risk

see below
Dear Emma,

You may recall our conversation regarding the mass destruction of the Hackney Fleet in Leeds and across the rest of the uk inc London.

You did mention about gathering wheelchair users outside the union offices to protest on the day that the law commission visit.

July 24th at 55 Call Lane from 1pm onwards is the venue and time. It would be superb if you could arrange for many of your colleagues to participate in a demo by yourselves to show the feeling amongst users as to how they will be affected should their proposed law go through.

If you could let me know what kind of turn out you could muster on the day that would be great. Unfortunately I would not be on hand as I am leading the meeting, but we would have a member to welcome you and give you a heads up when the commissioners were to leave.

Mr McSharry is to be present in the meeting from Leeds Access Committee and on speaking with him he believes this to be a wonderful idea.

Could I ask you to notify me of your plans on this issue which as you know will directly effect you as soon as possible.