Closing high-ranked Stafford hospital like curing gangrene THEN amputating

1 Aug

This government are determined to destroy the whole NHS. Truth and justice is left to the few. People have their own little busy lives nobody wants to listen, until it affects them and it will, but by that time the damage will have been done.


Stafford hospital’s fate will be announced at 2pm this afternoon. In spite of the incredible efforts of the Support Stafford Hospital (SSH) campaign group and the massive support from local residents, 51,000 of whom marched out of a town population of only around 65,000 and a borough of about 122,000, the word is that the news will be bad: acute and emergency services will be closed or downgraded, with local people expected to travel miles for emergency care and already-overstretched neighbouring services expected to cope.

The bitter irony in all of this is, of course, that Stafford has been opportunistically targeted by the government for closure because completely false media headlines about ‘hundreds of needless deaths’ meant that an attack on the Trust was unlikely to upset the wider public.

Within days of the publication of the Francis report – even though Francis said there was no evidence to support…

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