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10 facts that prove Theresa May’s pledge to improve womens’ and worker’s rights is bullshit

23 Jul

Actions speak louder than words.

Pride's Purge

Theresa May claims her new government is going to prioritise workers’ rights and womens’ rights.

Oh really?

  • Theresa May supported the introduction of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act which makes it more difficult for people injured at work to claim compensation from employers.
  • Theresa May supported making it more difficult for workers to fight maltreatment or discrimination at work.
  • Theresa May supported the head of the Health and Safety Commission being given to the chairman of the manufacturing employers organisation – the very people who are supposed to be policed by the HSE.
  • Theresa May supported the introduction of punitive employment tribunal fees, which has seen sex discrimination in the workplace claims plummet by 83 per cent.
  • Theresa May voted to remove the Commission for Equality and Human Rights’ duty to support the development of a society where people’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination.
  • Theresa May supported cutting tax…

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New Education Secretary sold off school playing field to developer before handing school over to Tory peer

15 Jul

Pride's Purge

Just months after the successful 2012 Olympics, Justine Greening – the new Education Secretary – backed the sell-off of six tennis courts, a football pitch and a playground belonging a local school in her Putney constituency, of which she was a governor:

Justine Greening in school playing fields row

Just months after the sale, the school was handed over to a private Academy Chain ARK.

The chairman of ARK at the time happened to be a multi-millionaire investment banker called Stanley Fink.

Fink also happens to be a Tory peer who has served as co-Treasurer of the Conservative Party.

The sold-off school fields were subsequently bought by a private developer.

This is the woman now in charge of all our children’s schools.

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