Murdoch rag catches on 3 weeks late – and slips into slander

22 Nov

Proud to live in Leeds. 😊



More than 3 weeks ago, the SKWAWKBOX covered Hilary Benn’s abject embarrassment as his CLP (constituency Labour Party) elected a clean sweep of pro-Corbyn members to its ‘officer’ positions at its AGM – and warned that it wouldn’t be long before smears started to emerge similar to the completely-unfounded (and in at least one case, already proven false) allegations against Wallasey and Brighton-Hove CLPs, in order to discredit the democratic results and protect Benn.

With all of Rupert Murdoch’s money behind it, it only took the Times almost another month to catch up on what this (unmoneyed, but feel free to donate if you wish!) blog covered weeks ago – and then to get it wrong, even to the point of slander:

benn times.png

The article (I won’t drive traffic to the rag by linking to it, but you can easily find it if you’re so inclined) gets it wrong – intentionally…

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