Princess Louise Hospital – Pangbourne Avenue, North Kensington

26 Nov

I was born here in Novembre 1960, probably just after it became a ‘Maternity’ Hospital, as my mother always described it. At the time we lived in Chepstow Court, Kensington.

North Kensington Histories


Princess Louise Hospital, Kensington, came into existence as a direct result of people recognising a need for medical care among the poor in the parish and taking matters into their own hands. By their hard work and commitment to their cause they managed to achieve their goal and local health and welfare was improved beyond recognition.

In other words, the hospital was built by the people for the people.

Some medical care had been available for the sick and poor in Kensington from the early 1800s, most likely provided by a group of medical and philanthropic people getting together and starting what was called in those days a “dispensary.” This would have been a consulting room or converted building where medical men could attend their patients, give treatments, dispense medicines, and so on. From such small beginnings the Kensington Dispensary opened in 1815 at 13, Holland Street, with an initial…

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